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Information is now the most important thing in modern productive systems. Information reduces the requirements for land, labour, raw materials and energy. It has created new industries. It is sold in its own right, and it is the raw material for the fastest growing area of the economy: the Knowledge Industry.

At one level, the computer is a tool. It helps us to write, keep track of our accounts and to communicate with others. Beyond this, the computer offers us both the opportunity to develop a new way of thinking and also new ways in which we can develop our ideas and fantasies.

The work of the Digital Technology Department is designed to encourage the use of Information and Communication Technology and Computer Science in a variety of contexts: school, home, community, recreation, business and industry. In these areas students are given opportunities to develop competence, capability and critical thinking skills through the creation, use and evaluation of a range of ICT methods.

As students progress through the Department they will develop the skills, knowledge and understanding of both ICT and Computer Science.

The project work undertaken by students is supported and encouraged through the provision of advice, software and hardware and this is supported by extra-curricular activities like the IT club that runs each day.

The work of the IT and Computer Science department is not dominated by a focus on examinations. In practice its aim is to facilitate the use of IT in a broad range of subjects throughout the whole school so that staff and pupils can enhance the learning in them by the offering of a wider experience. Students are encouraged to develop informed, intelligent and confident IT abilities and attitudes which, as well as being of value in school, prepare them for their further education and careers.

We are developing this site at present to service the Fallibroome community and hope you will look in from time to time. As you investigate the website you will see the subject offers a wide range of challenges that test the ingenuity of students, and you will begin to understand that IT and Computer Science is so much more than just spreadsheets.