The Performing Arts Department at Falllibroome is a high achieving vibrant, and creative environment where students have the opportunity to experience all three arts disciplines within the curriculum. The Performing Arts disciplines are among the most powerful forces for developing individuals supporting them to realise a sense of personal growth and achieve excellence throughout their educational career. We aim to use the Performing Arts as a vehicle for developing well-rounded, confident learners and this extends beyond the classroom through our offer of an extensive extra curricular programme.

Performing Arts Vision Statement

The Performing Arts at Fallibroome are founded on the principles of Creativity, Opportunity and Choice.

A rich culture pervades that is characterised by creativity and a unique buzz that nurtures all to achieve more than they first thought possible. It provides a shared platform to promote individual growth, success and life-long learning, achieved through creating relationships and an environment founded on trust, optimism and support. Diversity and personal expression is celebrated whilst striving to achieve a common vision, goals and aspirations.

Creativity, opportunity and choice – a rehearsal for the real world.