Mobile Learning Programme

We strive to provide the highest standards of education and foster the skills our students will need for life in the 21st century. The world around us has been transformed by mobile and new technologies and we embrace the use of these technologies in teaching and learning.
Following an extensive period of innovative research in school, evaluating a variety of mobile devices and creating curriculum activities using these devices, we introduced a scheme to provide mobile devices ( we chose iPads for a variety of very strong reasons ) for use in classrooms across the school.

Building on this success, we implemented a scheme to enable every student in Year 11 to have a personal iPad to support their learning. We established a partnership with the E-Learning Foundation, a national charity with a long standing reputation for supporting schools who wish to develop their e-Learning strategy. To learn more about the e-Learning foundation, please watch their video, which can be found on their website.

Our mobile learning project has these aims:

  • To enhance teaching and learning
  • To embrace new technologies needed for 21st Century citizens
  • To promote innovative pedagogies
  • To foster truly personalised learning
  • To meet the needs of all our students

End of Mobile Learning Project

Thank you for your support of our Mobile Learning Project. The scheme was intended to run for 3 years and has now come to an end. At this point we would like to offer our families the opportunity to keep the IPAD for their own use.

As the programme has benefited from tax relief through Gift Aid, it is important that we comply with the HMRC rules on personal benefits linked to charitable donations, and consequently we cannot just give the computers to you. A final payment of £35.00, however, will meet the HMRC rules and will allow you to own the device.

The form attached to the letter sent home on 6/12/2016 (also available below, titled “Letter – End of Mobile Learning Project (9/12/2016).docx”) should be completed and returned to school by Wednesday 14th December. Please indicate whether you wish to keep the device or whether you wish to return it to school. Payment, where applicable, may be made through Wisepay or by a cheque made payable to the Fallibroome Academy.

It is important to note that the device will no longer be covered by the school’s insurance, warranty and technical support.

The e-Learning project has been a learning experience for us all, but we are committed to a full evaluation of the impact of this scheme on our teaching and learning. This assessment will be available on our website in due course.

Students will be encouraged to continue bringing their IPAD to school to support their learning and to give them access to the online resources provided by Fallibroome. For those students who have returned the IPAD, arrangements will be in place for them to access a device for any lessons as required.