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Welcome to the Pastoral homepage, from here you can access areas and issues relating to the pastoral systems in the school.

These include the main staff involved (Student Manager, Learning Managers and Pastoral Support Assistants); information relating to specific year groups; policies (e.g. Anti-bullying, Drugs, Child Protection, Behaviour and Attendance); the outline of the pastoral curriculum; information about external agencies e.g. CAMHS, Connexions, Education Welfare, School Health, School Counsellor; and miscellaneous information e.g. holiday request forms, information about the absence line and contact numbers and email addresses for parents’ helplines.

Learn about the Pastoral Support Centre on the following page.

Read Fallibroome’s school Safeguarding policies on the Policies page.

Concern for a Child’s Safety

Should parents or members of the public have any safeguarding or welfare concerns about a student of Fallibroome Academy, they should contact Fallibroome as soon as possible via one of the following means:

  • To report a bullying issue the Bully Hotline.
  • Call the school directly using the School phone number: 01625 827 898.
  • Email Fallibroome’s Pastoral Leader, Mr Smalley.
  • Report the issue to any member of the Pastoral Team, as listed on the Pastoral Team tab on this page.


Pastoral Team

Meet the Fallibroome Pastoral Team

  • Mr S Smalley   Email me

    Assistant Principal - Pastoral Leader / Teacher (English)

  • Mrs A Pogue   Email me

    Administrative Assistant

  • Mrs A Kyd   Email me

    Student Services Supervisor

  • Ms J Jouannet   Email me

    School Counsellor

  • Mrs J Brassington   Email me

    Behaviour Manager

  • Mr P Munro   Email me

    Inclusion Supervisor

Learning Managers

Meet the Fallibroome Learning Managers

  • Mr M Dale   Email me

    Director of Inclusion

  • Mr D Picksley   Email me

    Teacher (Resistant Materials) / Learning Manager (Year 9)

  • Mr M Gibb   Email me

    Teacher (Music) / Learning Manager (Year 10)

  • Mr T Howard   Email me

    Teacher (PE) / Learning Manager (Year 11)

  • Miss M Maris   Email me

    Teacher (IT & Computer Science)

  • Mr M Priest   Email me

    Assistant Principal - Achievement / Teacher (Art, Fine Art & Illustration)

  • Ms K Roberts   Email me

    Teacher (Sociology) / Learning Manager (Year 13)

  • Dr A Burgess   Email me

    Teacher (Biology) / Learning Manager (Year 12) / Director of CEP

School Counsellor Role

Fallibroome employs their own School Counsellor, Jacqui Jouannet, who works three days a week.

The School Counsellor provides counselling as part of the pastoral support within school for pupils to develop strategies to cope with emotional, behavioural and educational difficulties, and prevent ongoing and unresolved issues being the cause of future deterioration in pupils’ ability to function effectively at school.

Also, the School Counsellor provides advice and guidance to staff whose role is to support pupils in emotional distress.

Students who wish to see the School Counsellor can drop in at break times to see Mrs Jouannet.

Parents who wish their child to see the School Counsellor should notify the respective Learning Manager in the first instance so that this can be arranged.

Pastoral Documents

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Please download and read these information leaflets for information on this subject.

Parents’ Information Evening

Bully Hotline

If you are worried about anything and wish to report an issue to school, please click on the Bully Hotline link below.

Bully Hotline

Special Education Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO)

Mr M Dale
 Email Mr M Dale

Useful Telephone Numbers

Safeguarding Issue
01625 827 898
Absence Line
01625 627 229